How do I pack a bike for shipping?


An expert from The Pro's Closet's shipping team walks you through the bicycle packing and shipping process. His easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, will help ensure your bike is delivered safe and sound.

Please make sure you follow the packing instructions step-by-step. Your bike is insured with our carrier, although any damages resulting from shipment will be reimbursed only if the bike was properly packaged and is at the sole discretion of our carrier. If damage occurs while in transit due to improper packing of the bike, The Pro's Closet may have to return the bike to the seller.

Tools needed: Allen Wrench set (4, 5, 6mm), Pedal Wrench, Torx Wrench set (if your bike requires), Pliers, Wire Cutter or Cable Snips, Screwdriver - Phillips Head, Knife, & Tape Measure

Supplies needed: Bike box, Packing tape, "Plastic bits" or Extra Cardboard, Bubble Wrap or Pipe Insulators, & Zip Ties

Still  have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to the TPC Ride Guides. You can contact the TPC Ride Guides at or give them a call at 866-401-9636.