How do I pack a bike for shipping?


An expert from The Pro's Closet's shipping team walks you through the bicycle packing and shipping process. His easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, will help ensure your bike is delivered safe and sound.

Please make sure you follow the packing instructions step-by-step. If we find damage to your bike because it was insufficiently packed, we may have to send your bike back at your expense.

Tools needed: Allen Wrench set (4, 5, 6mm), Pedal Wrench, Torx Wrench set (if your bike requires), Pliers, Wire Cutter or Cable Snips, Screwdriver - Phillips Head, Knife, & Tape Measure

Supplies needed: Bike box, Packing tape, "Plastic bits" or Extra Cardboard, Bubble Wrap or Pipe Insulators, & Zip Ties

Still  have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to the TPC Ride Guides. You can contact the TPC Ride Guides at or give them a call at 866-401-9636.